How to Find Large Files on Your Computer

November 7, 2018 | A Little Easier #1
In this little episode of Easier, we'll talk about an awesome, free program for locating giant files on your computer!

How to Find Large Files on Your Computer

Make Work Easier

If you’ve ever run out of disk space on your computer (who hasn’t?), this tip is for you!

Download and run WinDirStat (or Disk Inventory X on Mac)!

This program scans all of the files on your computer, including their sizes. Then, it generates a picture of every single file on your computer. But, it’s not just any picture!

Each file is represented by a rectangle, the area of which corresponds to the size of the file. In other words, the bigger the file, the bigger the rectangle.

This way, you can quickly see which files are HUGE and could possibly be deleted!

And, even better, WinDirStat lets you delete those files right in the program! Just right-click on a file and select delete.

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